The purpose of is to be a point of entry for geoscientists into the numerics of simulation and inversion in geophysics. It contains fundamental principles and examples to get geoscientists up and running with numerical tools. Everything is open. Everything is reproducible.


  • Provide resources on fundamental concepts and important aspects for running and developing numerical simulations. This includes discretizing a partial differential equation using finite volume and practicalities such as mesh design.
  • Discuss and demonstrate inversion as an optimization problem. This includes stating an inverse problem that is composed of a data misfit and a regularization function, and examining the impact of choices such as trade-off parameters.
  • Examples and tutorials are fully reproducible - nothing is hidden. Examples are a growing area, submissions and ideas are welcome and encouraged.

Resources & Connections

Development strategy

  • Use a google doc for a proposal to get examples started
  • Case-studies use the jupyter notebook
  • Tutorials contain a text portion written in rst and an associated notebook or series of notebooks